58 You are lucky!

Chen Juan replied with a cold glare.

"Oh. No? Then why don't you maintain distance from me as well as from my family? It will be a blessing. I don't like it if someone disturbs my privacy. Yeah, if you are interested in disturbing them, you can." Su Xi said with half-smile and pointing towards Su Sing and Father Su

She won't be concerned if he disturbs them!

"Where is your garage?"


They both walked and reached the garage. It was closed with a lock. "Su Xi, do you have a bike?" he suddenly asked.

Su Xi folded her hands and gave him a disgusting look. "Answer?"

"I had one but it was sold."


Su Xi was getting angry now. "Chen Juan, you want me to throw you out of the house? You don't have any warrant or other thing but still, you are interrogating me. What should I do with you?"

But he was still calm as before. His leg was shot but still, he had this aura around him which can send chills through spines. But Su Xi wasn't going to be afraid!

"WHAT DO YOU WANT?" She lost it now.

"I want to check your garage. Please open it." Listening to this, she was feeling uneasy now! But if she declined this, he will be more suspicious of her.

She turned around and asked Butler to bring the keys to the garage.

Soon, Butler brought the keys but Su Xi didn't hand it over to Chen Juan.

"What guarantee do I have that you will not disturb me anymore?" She has to stop him from coming into her room.

But it was Chen Juan's quick movement that he snatched the keys from Su Xi's hands.

"CHEN JUAN!!!" When Su Xi was going to come and get keys from him, he held her arms very tightly!

"Su Xi, let us do what we are supposed to do."

"You can't do this!"

"I can and I'm doing this. It is the only option I have."

Chen Juan's members put the keys into the lock and started opening the garage.

Seeing this, Su Xi's face started showing some nervousness. She felt uneasy inside her but she can't move from her place as Chen Juan held her tight. Slowly and slowly, they put the garage shutter above.


Shutter now was fully above and the whole garage from inside can be seen. Chen Juan left Su Xi's arm and went inside.

There were a total of four branded cars in different colors. One was Su Xi's favorite car and other for normal daily usage.

But there was no sign of any bike!

Chen Juan looked at every place but there was no bike. Not at all.

"Ms. Su, you are lucky!" Chen Juan said with a smile. But Su Xi smirked listening to this.


After encountering with Chen Juan at the seaport, Su Xi came to an isolated place. It was an old warehouse that was not used now.

She parked her bike there and removed the fake number plate from the bike.

She knew that very well that if someone got to know the real number of her bike, they will also get to know the owner.

So whenever she uses this bike, she put on the fake number which also helps her further.

Su Xi left her precious bike there and covered it with a black cloth. No one can now trace her bike.

She went home by walking and reached home soon and entered by the back gate of her house.

No one, neither her family members nor the guard got to know that she wasn't at home at midnight.

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"Now, you make go, Chen Juan. No need for you."

"I know it was you. And I will uncover you very soon. Remember this."

"Do you have any proof?" Su Xi pointed out at the right point.

"No. I don't have any proof. But maybe I saw something more. Your bracelet?" when she was not turning around, he actually noticed her bracelet.

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