174 You accept, Gu Yan as your father?!

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Su Xi took it out and found, "Quan Lei."

She did not understand who that person was. By hearing that name, 'Quan', she understood he might be related to her mother's family. 

'He might be mom's brother, maybe.' Although she was not confirmed about it this can be the only assumption that can be taken at this time. 

She has limited proof which points to the fact that her mom was murdered. But this is not enough and she knows this too well.

For everyone, she has to take another step forward and do something more.

Her mother was associated with a well known Quan family, and this was just big news for her to digest!

'Father must be aware of this, right? He might know who my mum actually was?!' Su Xi suddenly felt lonely, even though the father was alive but the distance between them was already vast enough.

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