189 Ye Shan's life is in danger!

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Su Xi fell on the ground with a thud! 



Rex had pulled the trigger of the gun and shot her in the leg. Although the bullet did not go through her legs, it slightly went by scratching the skin of hers but it was still painful!

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"Ahh…" Su Xi felt her legs were just tied to something as she wasn't able to move even an inch at this time.

Her legs were jammed at that point at she felt a heavy pain in her legs

She looked up at Rex with a glare in her eyes. But he was a proud peacock. He stood there with his eyes shining and a smile on his face.

"This is what you get if you don't agree with my request! Su Xi, this was just the example. I'm taking your son, do get my work done!" His words carried no emotions but they were still covered with the ordered tone.

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