15 Ye Huo or Gu Yan?

"Mom, won't we go and see who has come?" asked Ye Shan.

"Yes mom, everyone is going. Even Lin family also went. I also wanna see who is there."

Su Xi knew, her children were excited. But she can't show Gu family that she is afraid of him so she ran towards him to see who is heir of Gu family.

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"My babies, the person to whom everyone want to see, will come here also. You can see that person at that moment." Su Xi tried to coax them.

"Mom But...."

"You want to eat something? Lets go and eat. Ye Shing you are also hungry?" Su Xi tried to shift the topic.

"Yeah, lets go."

The family of four went towards the food stall.

Su xi carried Ye Shan in her arms.

"Mom, let me carry him. Your dress will get wrinkled." Said Ye Nian.

"Don't worry, I'm not that weak also. A person' s identity is through his face and attitude not by cloths."

Ye Shing brought something for Ye Shan and Ye Nian. He actually wasn't hungry but to divert the topic, he also agreed with his mother.

After having something, they again went to main banquet.

There everyone saw a very tall back, a person who was surrounded by whole group of people.

"Mum, is that the person who came?" asked Ye Shan.

"Yes baby, he is."

But suddenly that person turned around and that persons face was clearly visible!!!

Ye Huo!!!

Everyone was shocked. They stood where they were. It was if their breathing was stopped.



Four of them said in slow voice.

It was if their blood stopped floating and their face went pale. He was dead 2 years ago but a person of same face was standing before them.

"Dad!!!" Ye Shan shouted. He was, after all a child.

But that person didn't turn around.

Su Xi was still in shock.

Ye Shan and Ye Nian ran to that person to hug him but Su Xi stopped.

Su Xi still stood there shocked. But she came back into her sensed when Ye Shing touched his shoulder. "Mom, dad is alive. See that person. We have to go there."

Su Xi nodded. She went to him in calmly manner, she was confused, how it was possible that a person who's funeral was conducted is alive?

"It can't be your dad. He is someone else." Su Xi said to her children in a whisper.

"But mom...he has same face as that of dad." said Ye Nian.

"Lets see if he reacts seeing us. If he does that mean, he is your dad and will ofcource hug you. But if he doesn't than its something wrong." everyone nodded.

They first have to check. How can a dead person be alive.

The family of four made their way to him. He was actually surrounded by Lin family members.

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