86 Will She be Caught? (2)

Gatekeeper shivered in fear. This was a direct threat to his life. Were these men goons? Who knows! Being afraid, he allowed them to go inside. He slowly opened the gate and Chen Juan and stepped in with Fei. The gatekeeper can afford to lose his job, but not his precious life.

"Sir, we have to find XX2627." Fei Reminded him as they looked inside.

"I know very well. Keep your eyes open too." Chen Juan doesn't want any mistake this time. If he caught Su Xi's material red-handed then he will be able to earn his position back in the crime branch. This will prove his innocence in that thing at least that he was not wrong by going and doing a search at her house.

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He kept on rotating his eyes, searching for the ship having the number which is provided to him. And then, his eyes caught a ship which was loading the material and the officer was standing.

Chen Juan ran to that person and grabbed his collar.

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