131 Will Gu Yan come?!

Although Su Xi messaged him with all the courage she built up suddenly but she does not know what his reaction will be.

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Su Xi absentmindedly touched her lips where she kissed Gu Yan. No matter what, today's kiss can't be forgotten so easily.

After giving it a second thought, Su Xi came back to her children. They already finished up eating as she looked at the empty boxes.

"You finished everything alone?" Su Xi asked Ye Nian as she has seen something really new.

"Umm…. No! See Ye Shan also ate with me. Otherwise, how would I be able to eat everything alone? Ye Shan's tummy is coming out also, this is the evidence of my innocence." Ye Nian suddenly said while acting like an innocent person.

But unknown to her, this act of her made Su Xi's heart full of laughter. She always felt that her daughter can go either in showbiz or in the business world. 

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