32 Who is she?

"Mr. Gu, it is me, Su Xi."

"What a pleasure I have for Ms. Su calling me on my personal number?" Gu Yan was surprised that she is calling him. He knew that she has investigated his number but he didn't expect her to call him also.

"Well, why can't I? " Su Xi was smiling. Hearing his voice makes her worry less. His voice really calms her heart.

"What do you want to say?" he directly asked without beating around the bush. The more he talks with her, the more her face comes in front of him He just wanted to get rid of that memory but it was not in his hands.

"I accept your apology." Su Xi said. She was standing near her window from where she can see the other buildings around her.

"Thank you, Ms. Su and I'm going to hang up now." Gu Yan politely said.

"Wait! Mr. Gu, the main thing I wanted to say is left unspoken." Her real reason to call him was not only to tell this but something else. At first, she was just wanted to hear his voice but later on, she got an idea.

"Speak." Gu Yan was now getting irritated.

"You know, Mr. Gu, my husband used to love gardens. Whenever I was angry with him, he used to apologize. And today you did the same thing. Ye Huo knew that I loved roses the most. Isn't that a good coincidence?" Su Xi asked with a chuckle.

She would love to see Gu Yan's expression right now!

Hearing this, on another line, Gu Yan was shocked. He just felt like giving her bouquet and that too of roses. It was if his inner voice asked him to send her roses.

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"What does that mean, Ms. Su?"

"Oh, it doesn't mean anything. How can it mean anything? After all, you are not my husband." This was what Gu Yan wanted to listen but he felt something going on in his head.

He just hanged up and started shouting at the servants.

"Go and Call Dr. Mo!!! Right now!!!" He felt as if he was going to explode from this headache.


On the other side, when Su Xi hanged up, she felt an interesting emotion. She neither felt nor happy.

'What is going on today.' Su Xi thought this and called Secretary Wan to send her files.

"Wan, have you selected any Tutor for Ye Nian?"Su Xi suddenly asked.

It was a long time that she asked Ye Nian but she never answered or suggested anyone.

"Yes, Ma'am. But..." Secretary Wan was somewhat not sure if he should say the next words or not.

"What happened?" Su Xi lifted her eyes and stopped writing.

"He said that he wants to first meet you. Then only, he can decide whether to teach Young Miss or not."

It was not usual for tutors to meet influential people. They used to get happy with the news that they are getting a chance to teach such high class's children.

But this was interesting. She wanted the best for her children. And if the person wants to meet her, it was all okay. This only shows that he isn't going to teach Ye Nian as a Young Miss of Ye and Su family but as a normal student.

"Who is he?"

"Ma'am, its Shi Yu." Su Xi has heard his name. He was only 21 years old but made a name in teaching. It was also said that he completed high school when he was sixteen.

"Contact him. I agree to his request and help me buy something simply for him. It should not be at all expensive."

Su Xi understood that he is a ground man. She knew how to deal with them. But he admired him for being such a good teacher and not showing any biased nature.


Soon, it was evening and Su Xi went home.

Everyone was at home and waiting for Father Su.

"Mum, when will be grandpa here?" Ye Shan asked. He wanted to show him his toys. After all, they were meeting for after two years



Everyone turned around and saw the car coming. That was her father's car.

"Grandpa...." Ye Shan and Ye Nian shouted.

Su Xi wasn't much interested. She saw her father getting out of the car. BUT there was another person. A lady, coming out of another door of the car

Ye Shing came close to Su Xi and whispered,

"Who is she?"

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