99 What if, Su Xi is your wife?

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Shi Yu gave him a sharp smile and then spoke, "Your offer was actually third class, not worth even looking into it. You are getting old, Gu Yan! Better change your ways." He was calling Gu Yan an old person directly on his face! No one has this authority to say him this direct!!

Although he knew himself that he was getting old day by day. A guy of forty years will be obviously considered old. But as they were pretty rich, they can get married whenever they want.

But to Shi Yu's surprise, Gu Yan did not get angry. He knew this child, who thinks better than adults, has a stubborn nature. Even Lin Juwan was afraid of talking with him. But unknown to Lin Juwan, Shi Yu disliked him so much that, he is least interested in interacting with him that is why he keeps his distance from everyone.

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