43 Well Wisher!

Su Xi was confused. What has she received? 'Secretary Wan has already sent me files then who else is it?'

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"Young Madam, should I send it to you?" Butler asked her again. She was brought back to her senses.

"Yeah. Send it to my room." Butler nodded.

Su Xi received a small box. No address was written from where it came from. Su Xi was somewhat suspicious. But she had to open it also. She took gloves from the drawer and wore it

'What if it has poison?' Su Xi was afraid so she took all precautions. She sprayed it sanitizer. (Be safe! Go out with the mask on!)

Su Xi slowly opened it and she saw a letter in it. She started reading it.

'Mrs. Ye, you can consider me as your well-wisher. I want the best for you and your family. I'm debited to you and your husband so I have to tell you the truth.

Gu Yan is indeed none other than your Ye Huo. He never died. But I can't tell you much. I have my problems. Your Ye Huo went through a lot during these 2 years. He has LOST HIS MEMORY.

Ye Huo was never an orphan. He is the eldest child of Gu Yan. I don't have any proof to show you or send you. I can just ask you to trust me. You know me but I can't reveal my identity.

Trust me in this, Su Xi! Make Gu Yan yours again. He can be yours again just make him fell in love with you again.

Take care. I want to see you and your family safe. Protect yourself from enemies. Your loved ones can be your enemies also. Don't trust someone easily around you.

-Your and Your family's well-wisher.'


Su Xi fell on her knees on the ground. This was shocking. Her Gu Yan has seriously lost his memory!

Her wish came true! He wasn't acting. He lost his memory.

But still, Su Xi sat there in a daze. She was thinking about the main hint behind the letter. This was to warn her against her loved ones. But who is going to harm her?

She knew she has to protect herself well against everyone. She can't let her guards go down at this moment. She will win back Gu Yan!!

Su Xi got up and shouted Ye Shing and Ye Nian's name and asked them to come to her room.

"Mom, what happened?" Ye Shing was attending his classes online but he came running to his mom when she called.

"Where is Ye Nian?" Su Xi asked.

"She is coming." Just then, Ye Nian came.

Su Xi told them everything and read the letter aloud. Everyone was shocked! Who this well-wisher was? And why is he giving such dangerous signs of protecting against loved ones?

"Mom, Do you have an idea who has written this?" Ye Shing was speechless hearing this. He never thought this would happen.

"Yes, mum. I have a suspicion. Why don't you just leave it, mum? Maybe it is wrong?" Ye Nian said.

Su Xi sighed.

"My inner voice is saying this is true. I can feel. I want to trust this person, maybe is he or she is wrong but my heart is saying to trust it. This is the truth."


Gu Yan was working in his office when he received a call from Lin Jua, that too on his personal number.

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