56 Uncover your Mask.

"I'm taking your words into count, Chen Juan. Remember this." General let Chen Juan go.

When he came out, he sighed in relief. He got information from his trusted sources that Su Xi is involved in illegal business. But it was hard to make others believe it.

He walked towards his own workplace. There he saw a stack of files.

"Feiiii!!" Fei was his secretary.

"Yes sir." he came running when he heard his voice.

"What these files are about? Right now, I'm only handling Su family case no other. Don't accept any other investigation."

"Yes sir. But these files are about the Su family only. Whatever happened with them in the last five years is all inside it."

Hearing this, Chen Juan stopped drinking water. He raised one of his eyebrows. "These files contain the history of the Su family?"

Fei nodded. Chen Juan stared at these files and signaled Fei to leave.

He opened the first file and read all about how the family started. It contained information about father Su, Su Xi, Su Sing, and Su Ning.

It took him two hours to read about them and their existence. The next file was of Su Xi and Ye Huo.

He was really curious to know about them. It took him only one hour to read the whole file and his mind was now filled with something which can't be described in words.

"It will be nice to uncover your mask, Su Xi."


In Night, around midnight.

Everyone was sleeping in the house including Father Su and even Su Sing.

But Su Xi's room lights were still on.

Inside her room, her bed was made as no one slept on it. In the bathroom, Su Xi wore a leather black jacket along with black jeans. A mask on her face along with a black cap to cover her head. She knew it was time to go.

Su Xi secretly went to the garage behind her house and took a bike from there. It was covered with a cover, Su Xi removed it in one movement. It was a black color bike which Ye Huo loved a lot.

She put her hand on the bike as if caressing her. "I missed you my baby's baby. Let us go on a drive now!"

Su Xi sat on it with her legs to both sides and wore the helmet. She took the back gate to go out so that no one notices her.

The moon was full, with stars blinking in the sky. The moon rays were falling on her helmet and she was looking like a professional bike racer.

Su Xi rode the bike towards the seaport, where the dorks were. To transport the drugs with her material, she needs to know full details that how the material is going to go. Her plan was on!

She reached there and parked her bike in a remote area. Along with this, she covered her bike with black cloth so that it looks like the bike is old and not used.

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After, she checked if the gun was there in her pocket or not and then proceeded to go around the dork. As it was night, now many people were there.

But as she was going to go move forwards, she suddenly saw a police car!

Su Xi quickly ran and hid behind one of the containers.

"Sir, we have checked. There is no illegal material here."

"Are you sure?" heating this, Su Xi was shocked! It was from Chen Juan!

What is he doing here? Even her bike was parked on another side near them! How can she leave here?

Su Xi again wore her cap used the wood near her to throw it on Chen Juan and his team to distract them.


The wooden block was going to hit Chen Juan but he escaped it swiftly.

"Sir!! There is someone, we need to catch him!" saying this, some policeman started coming towards the place where she was hiding.

"Who so ever is behind, COME OUT!"One of the policemen said. They slowly walked and saw that the place was empty.

"Sir, No one is here." Listening to this, Chen Juan was surprised. He knew that a stick came from there only.

But later, his sight caught someone...

A boy wearing leather jacket and a covered face. "Hey Boy! Show your face!"

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