77 Two options!

"Rex, I will kill you!! Don't you dare to drag my children in this!!!" Su Xi can handle everything but not this that her children are involved in what she was doing.

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She was doing this all to give her children back their father. But she can't allow these things to affect her children at any cost! No matter what, her children should be safe at least.

"You should think about your own self, Su Xi. I'm not taking your advantage because I see you as my sister-in-law. But business is business. Your husband broke our agreement. If not for that, this might not happen." All he said was true. Su Xi can silently listen to this all and endure it.

Who did it? Gu Yan! But who is paying for all of this? Su Xi!

But Rex didn't stop. He continued, " I gave you two options. One, to return my drugs. Or-"

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