64 Truth will come out.

Su Xi held her chin up and faced the camera with the utmost confidence.

Su Xi just raised her hand indicating everyone to keep quiet, she will answer them.

"As we all know how shabby today's business world has become. But I think, I don't need to explain it much. The truth is behind a hundred lies. But the power which truth has, no one else held it. Soon, reality will come out and will hit others on their face. Thank you!"

Saying this, Su Xi went to her car with the help of bodyguards. Reporters were shouting behind her but she didn't care much.

She sat in her car and got out of her company and went directly to her house. She needed to study the map again!

But she received a call from Zu Jiwen. "Su Xi, are you alright? Do you need any help? I'm coming to your house."

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"No need. Let us meet at a nearby coffee shop. I need to discuss something with you."



In the cafe.

Both Su Xi And Zu Jiwen were sitting across the table but none spoke. It was an awkward silence. But Su Xi was in no mood to break it. Who asked her to meet?

"Xi, I know you must be going through a tough time. Just tell me what type of help do you need?" Zu Jiwen worriedly asked.

Su Xi took a sip of her coffee. hearing what Zu Jiwen said made her laugh. She didn't care if he is ready to help or not.

"Zu Jiwen, You were my very good friend since high school. You saw my children growing up. You saw my love for Ye Huo. Then why didn't you notice who I am!?"

Yes! This was the ultimate truth that for some men, working women are weak. Somewhere, Zu Jiwen though the same.

This was the difference between Zu Jiwen and her Ye Huo. He always supported her in her decision she made. Ye Huo used to ask her opinion, her vision and he wanted her to work in the company and be the CEO whereas he could have been Vice CEO.

If Gu Yan was here, he would have trusted her ability. But this Gu Yan didn't have Ye Huo's memories.

"What do you mean Su Xi?" he was confused by her words.

"I'm strong enough to beat my competitors. You don't have to worry about this." Su Xi said with her determination.

Zu Jiwen understood that it was his mistake. He said wrong which hurt her ego.

"I'm sorry."

Su Xi didn't reply. He was always like this and she didn't care about him.

After finishing her coffee, she took her bag and sharing some more talks, she was ready to leave. Su Xi came to her car and looked at where Zu Jiwen was going.

Yes! She also didn't trust him. She trusts no one now!



At home, Ye Nian was drawing some pictures when she received a notification again. Since her family came into the limelight today, her messages were not stopping.

Some were mocking her, some were feeling sympathy for her.

Ye Nian was feeling frustrated now. All accusations were wrong on her family! But who will tell them this?

No one!

Frustrated, Ye Nian took a coat from her wardrobe and went outside through the back gate.

She covered her face with a cap so no one notices her. Ye Shing was busy with Ye Shan so he didn't felt her absence when she left.

Ye Nian roams on the streets. She saw many children who were there with their parents. But she was alone. Her father wasn't there even her mother.

There, Ye Nian saw a liquor shop. Ye Nian felt a sudden urge to drink and let her emotions out. No one was there to stop her. But she is a teen, not an adult.

Ye Nian looked as if she was of twenty but in reality, she is sixteen. Her beauty was because of her mother. Her maturity was because of her father.

Ye Nian took a deep breath to control her urge. She closed her eyes to stop herself from going the wrong way. But once something came in her mind, there was no turning back.


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