38 To Catch Gu Yan's Attention!

All she needed was to attract Gu Yan towards her!

Su Xi looked at her foot which has a total of six pieces of glasses inserted in it.

'Oh, God... Help me.'

Su Xi forcefully takes out one large glass piece from her foot and falls down from the wheelchair intentionally.

"Ahhh....." Su Xi shouted as blood kept on coming out from her wound.

Su Xi knew that if she falls down, everyone, including doctors and nurses will come towards her and it will somewhat catch Gu Yan's attention.

At that time, Gu Yan was shouting for the thief but then he heard a scream. He shifted his eyes and saw a lady lying on the floor and blood coming out of her foot.

It was a horrific scene. When Gu Yan took a closer look, he noticed the lady's face was somewhat similar to Su Xi.

"Ahhh... Somebody help me..." Su Xi was good at acting. She made everyone believe that she was in a lot of pain and she needed help.

A large commotion was there because of her scream.

Seeing the scene in front of him, Gu Yan started walking towards her. It was like his brain wasn't working anymore and his legs were walking on its own.

But before he can reach there, he saw another man coming there and helping her. He was calling her sister.

Gu Yan stopped in his track. He can see Su Xu was in pain. It was making it difficult for him to breathe. Gu Yan's eyes narrowed and he just stared at the scene.

On another hand, she kept her eyes on Gu Yan's every movement. She knew he was coming to help her. "Sister!!! Are you alright?" Su Sing has come back.

Su Xi was shocked. How can he come back so early?

"Sister, are you fine? Let me help you to get up." Su Sing helped her in getting up and she again sat in the wheelchair.

Su Sing then saw a glass piece in her hand. It was large and full of blood.

"Sister, why you removed the glass piece on your own?!?!" Su Sing was shocked. The doctor said that they can't remove it but his sister did it. How?!? Why?!

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"It was necessary. It was painful and itching a lot. So, I did it." Su Xi answer but her eyes were still lingering on Gu Yan who has stopped few meters ago.

It was fine at least Su Sing will not be able to see him.

"Sister let's go to see the doctor." Su Sing suggested but Su Xi wasn't interested in seeing the doctor No matter how much it was hurting her, she has to save Ye Nian.

"You Go, I'm coming on this." Su Xi succeeded in sending Su Sing back to the reception to complete the formalities.

At this time, Gu Yan's secretary has come and was talking to him.

"Young Master, we have informed the security. They are on their way. Oh... Here they are." Su Xi listened to their conversation and her heart was beating loudly.

She doesn't know that Ye Nian has left the doctor's cabin or not.

But right now, she can't do anything else. She can just pray that she left. If not, there will be a lot of drama creating here in a few minutes.

"Young Master Gu, where is the thief." It was the head of the hospital. When he heard that Young Master Gu was here, he directly went to him in the hope of gaining some benefits.

Gu Yan was silent for some time. His mind was focused on Su Xi's foot but he was brought back to his senses by the head of the Hospital.

Gu Yan didn't say anything just turned around and pointed towards the cabin.

"Security, Go inside and check who it is." hearing this, two security members opened the cabin with another key.

Seeing their every action, Su Xi's hand was formed into their fist. She was nervous. Three lines were formed on her forehead.

'Please God, I hope Ye Nian is not inside.'

The security guard opened the door and switched on the lights. The room was messier. All files were here and there.

"Did you find anyone in there?"

The security guard checked inside.

One security guard shouted,

"Sir, there is...

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