11 Title back!

"Nice to see you Zu Jiwen. You are still fit. No one can surely tell you are already 35."

"Well, thank you but you are not bad yourself. A mother of three children and you still look in early twenty."

"What would you like to drink?" asked Su Xi.

"Whatever you have."

"Excuse me, two cups of cappuccino please." Su Xi ordered.

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"Why you wanted to meet me?" listening this, took out something from his pocket.

It was a purple box. When he opened it, something shiny thing was revealed.

"What is this?" surprisingly asked Su Xi.

"It's a diamond bracelet. It was auctioned in Singapore."

Su Xi looked at it and she smiled. From the starting, she was really attractive to shiny things even if they are not costly.

"How you got hold of this?"

"Well, you see I went to Singapore 2 weeks ago for some business matters. My friend dragged me to an auction with him. There I saw this. It is 2CT Blue and white diamond with 9K gold. Its special, because this signifies 'The Ocean of My love' which means my love for you is big as ocean." Explained Zu Jiwen.

"Its beautiful."


"You must give it to your future wife. She will be very happy, I say." Su Xi said casually.

She never gave any wrong hints to Zu Jiwen. From the very start, she maintained her distance, even when her husband was alive.

Ye Huo used to be a protective person. According to him, his possession were only his.

When he used to see Zu Jiwen, he used to burn in jealousy. When his kids even got along with him, he used to leave the place.

"Ah Xi, You know that I will not marry anyone else except you."

"And I will not marry anyone in this lifetime, you know this." Saying this, she put back the bracelet in purple box and asked Zu Jiwen to keep it back in his pocket.

"If you like it, you can keep it. Pay me afterwards, to ease your guilt."

"No need, when I will need any, I will buy on my own. I received one on Mother's day only."

Zu Jiwen lowered his head. He had been trying for past 20 years, but she still is in love with Ye Huo.

"Are the kids well?" Zu Jiwen tried to shift the topic.

"Yes, they are. Well I wanted to ask you. You know states more earlier than me. Who are Gus?" asked Su Xi. The purpose to visit him today and the reason she didn't declined was this.

"I know a little. Only this that 40 years ago, Young madam and Young master of Gu family were in accident and passed away. Their little young master Gu was kidnapped and got lost. He was of only 1 month. So they moved to abroad."

"But now, Gu family business is trying to compete with Su's" said Su Xi.

"They want to take their title back. In states there only three families earlier also and now also, only change is that it was once GU's and not SU's." explained Zu Jiwen

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