144 Time for us to meet!

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Ye Shing just chuckled at her statement. He doesn't know why but the way she presented her words, made him laugh. Not like he had seen many people but right now, in this situation when mostly everyone seems good to him and talks sweetly, her rebellious tone made him wonder if she doesn't know him? 

Because everyone treats him as the heir of the Su family. Most people try to befriend him because of their benefits but he stayed away from them. That is why he has very rare friends in his whole life.

They all are just fake in their eyes. Because, from his point of view, staying with him just for his money is purely wrong. But she doesn't mind being sarcastic with him, even when he is lying on the hospital bed?!

"You don't appear joker right now but you did, when we met last time in the park. A teddy bear."

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