116 Thinking about Ye Nian!

Ye Nian felt relieved hearing this. After all, if her father is there nothing will happen to her mother. Although they knew Gu Yan did not remember anything why did he went near Su Xi and held her in his arms when she was going to fall!?

Did his memory come back? No!

But Ye Nian understood that her father might have felt something for her mother and that is why he is doing this all. Well, this was not bad at least he is taking care of her.

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"Thank you for telling, Shi Yu." She was grateful that he told her the truth instead of hiding it further. While her brother was speaking to him in a rude tone, he must be reluctant to tell Ye Shing.

"That was my responsibility." Shi Yu said and then both the side kept quiet. No one hanged up the phone but none spoke too. It was as if they were talking to each other through each other's breath.

But then Ye Nian broke the silence, "I-I must hang up. Please ask my mother to call us once when she wakes up."

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