12 That Voice.

Hearing this, Su Xi laughed.

"They were old tale. Now to become powerful, you have to show case your talent and make a place for yourself."

"You are right. No one knows this new heir."

"Atleast, from my experience, he is not a newbie. Companies who are interested in collaborating with us, are keeping Gu family business as their second option. Being their second option is not easy, you know."

"Hmm. I agree with you. He must be an experienced but he came into limelight now! You have to be careful. GUs earlier were also merciless." Zu Jiwen warned her.

After some talks, they both left for their own way.

On the same time, a man in black coat was also coming out of cafe. His face was half covered with a mask.

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Su Xi was looking into her phone and walking, she collided with a person.

"I'm sorry." Said Su Xi.

She had turned around and started walking but then she heard, "Its okay."

Su Xi's eyes narrowed.

'This voice?!?!'

Su Xi turned around and searched for that person but he had disappeared in the crowd.

"Ma'am, we have to leave. Today is the party of Ms. Ning. We have to go to her party, we can't miss it this time." Secretary Wan said.

Su Xi stopped looking. She thought she was over thinking.

"Yeah, it is safe, right?" asked Su Xi.

"Yes ma'am. Even Young miss Ye is good friend of Ms. Ning's daughter."

"Okay, we will go. Send a message on my behalf to children that we are going to a party tonight. Tomorrow is weekend also so its off from school."


After some time, Su Xi forgot about that voice completely.

"Ma'am there is a news, that Gu family new Heir, Gu Yan, will also be there and this will be the first he is coming to such a party to show his face." Said Secretary Wan.

Surprised Su Xi nodded.

'Lets see who is trying to take title back now!' Su Xi thought.

After the cafe thy came to a boutique to select the dress for herself and children. This time, she wanted her family to wear cloths of same colour or there is some similarity.

When she was deciding, she received a call from her father.

"How is everything going on there?" asked Father Su.

"Good." On the call Su XI heard some voices, "Dad, who is making these noises?"

"Oh nothing, when will you come for a vacation here? 2 years and you have not kept your foot here." Father Su Stated.

"You have Su Sing with you. Take his help in business, I will come back when I want. I have something to do, will talk to you later ." Su Xi immediately hanged up. She knew her father wanted to call her back but she didn't to go now.

She selected a blue gown with heavy embroidery on it for herself and another blue gown which was off shoulder, for her daughter.

A white and blue tuxedo for Ye Shang. These things look cute on him.

Ye Shing was not anymore young. She chose only a coat of blue colour with which he will decide what he wants to pair up with.

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