87 Telling him the truth!

Chen Juan was shocked when he had seen her call. A smile was surely there, but from inside he felt like a failure. Her tone was seen as a tease to his ears. She called just to tell him that he is a loser?!

"Yes, Ms. Su, I failed this time too. Against you! You must be celebrating right now, right?" Chen Juan had though that she has called him so that she can tease him. He was such a useless person. He failed against this lady not only once, but twice! What can be better than this?

But Su Xi was not surprised by his rudeness. It was a matter of fact that he is upset. He lost his job because of her, so his way of speaking was already accepted by her in her heart.

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"Mr. Chen, I called you, to tell the truth. The truth about what I'm doing and why I'm doing." Su Xi told him her real motive behind this call and this made Chen Juan's eyes knit. She telling the truth!?

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