39 Take Care.

Nobody inside. We can't see anyone inside here. There is no thief."

Hearing this, Gu Yan knitted his eyebrows and Su Xi sighed in relief.

This meant that Ye Nian has succeeded in coming out of the cabin when she created that drama here.

'Thank You, God!'

But Gu Yan was not relieved. He saw himself that a girl entered here.

Turning towards Gu Yan, the hospital head said,

"Young Master, there was a thief but I think it succeeding in escaping from our hands." Hospital's Head lowered his head in shame. It was not a good thing for a thief to come and escape from their hands.

"I would recommend you to block all the exits." was all Gu Yan said.

Su Xi was now going to her doctor's cabin when she heard Gu Yan calling her from her behind.

"Ms. Su, what a coincidence seeing you here."

Su Xi didn't expect him to come to her and talk with her. He could have ignored her.

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She turned her wheelchair around and faced him. "Mr. Gu, its sure is a coincidence." Su Xi wasn't much interested in talking with him right now. She was feeling her foot go numb and needed to see the doctor.

Gu Yan didn't speak for some time. He was just staring at her foot. His eyes were not warm. But they were also not cold. It had some mix of emotions, which can't be described in words.

Su Xi felt she was in the past again. Earlier also, he used to just stare at her injury and will not talk with her.

"Do you want to say something, Mr. Gu?" Su Xi broke the silence.

"Are you okay?" He worriedly asked. His voice was a little horse.

"I'm fine." Then, Su Xi called a nurse and asked her to help her go to her Doctor's cabin.

But before going, Su Xi turned around and said, "Mr. Gu, take care."


In Doctor's cabin.

Su Xi was lying with her half eyes opened. She was given anesthesia and now she is feeling low.

"Ms. Su, We have removed all the pieces. I'm prescribing some medicines. Please take them as they will reduce your pain." Su Xi nodded.

Su Sing helped her in coming out. "Sister, where is Ye Nian? I haven't seen for a long time." Su Sing suddenly asked.

At first, Su Xi didn't reply but she also didn't want him to suspect her.

"Nian went to the washroom. She will meet us near your car."

Outside, they saw a figure standing with the support of their car. It was YE NIAN!

Su Xi was so relieved seeing her like this.

"Mom, you okay now?" she saw all the drama her mum did in the corridor. It was for her.


Let's go home. I'm feeling sleepy." With this everyone got inside the car.

Su Xi kept her hand over Ye Nian's. This was a sign of not speaking anything about her incident of going inside the cabin in front of Su Sing.

Soon, they reached home. Su Xi asked Su Sing to rest and Ye Nian will help her, to which he nodded and went to the guest room.


In Su Xi's room.

Su Xi laid on the bed with the blanket covering her.

"Mom, I'm going to my room."

But Su Xi stopped her. "Nian, how did you come out of there?" She never saw Ye Nian coming out. Her main focus was to attract Gu Yan's attention which will ultimately give her a chance to escape.

Ye Nian smiled and recalled what happened inside the cabin.



Ye Nian entered the room and instead of switching on the lights, she took out her phone and tapped on Torch icon.

She started seeing the drawers. But she heard Gu Yan shouting and calling for security! This made Ye Nian nervous.

But she didn't stop and kept on looking for the file of his name.

Ye Nian searched drawers, desk, almirah but it had no file of his name. 'Nian, you are missing something!' her inner voice told her to look again.

She then saw a stock of files on top of the almirah. But it was beyond her height.

Ye Nian took the chair and stand for it. Her hand reached there. She took the stock and kept it on the desk.a

it was then she heard her mother's scream.

"Ye Nian fast!!!" she motivated herself and started seeing the names of the people.

At last, she saw a file of Gu Yan's name. She kept it under her jacket and first saw from the window mirror, what was happening.

Ye Nian took the right opportunity to open the door and go to the washroom when Gu Yan's focus was on Su Xi.



Su Xi patted Ye Nian's back.

"You did good work. Well done! But where is the file?"

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