63 Suspended!

Chen Juan knew that this time, it was his mistake. His carelessness.

"General, I..I.."

"I don't want to listen to anything. Soon, Ms. Su will call us, and what if she goes to court? Have you ever thought of this situation? You just used mu team members but now who will take their responsibility?"

The General was really disappointed. He was feeling as if he chose the wrong person for the task. He was regretting his decision!

Chen Juan didn't reply. He just kept his head down and listened to what General has to say.

"Now, we have to make a clear statement in the press regarding this matter. Chen Juan, you are on suspension!"

Everyone's eyes widened. They never expected that their General to actually fire Chen Juan as he was the top leader! This was an important decision. General also has seniors whom he is answerable.

Who will want to risk his own job for someone else? No one!

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"Sir... You can't do this!" Chen Juan didn't expect this outcome.

"Juan, you are our branch top leader. You have solved so many cases but not of any high profile. Take a rest for some time. When this matter cools down, you can come back." This was indirectly saying that Chen Juan wasn't a responsible Leader.

Saying this, General left along with the branch's spoke person to speak with Ms. Su.

Fei came to Chen Juan and said, "Sir, this is bad. Our pieces of information never go out. How is this possible that this time, this information is broadcasting and reached media?" Even Chen Juan was thinking the same but who will answer all of his questions?

"CHEN JUAN!! OFFICE!" General's secretary called him out.

Chen Juan went in and there, Secretary asked him to submit his batch, ID, his car keys, and his gun until his suspension isn't over!

The most difficult thing for a leader is to leave his identity. It was his pride, his ego! But this is going.

Chen Juan took out his gun, batch, keys, and ID and finally walked out of the cabin in anger. Outside, Fei was waiting for him, and seeing his boss's angry face, he understood what has happened inside.

"What now, Sir?"

Chen Juan was now standing along with Fei's car and a cigar was in between his mouth. "No matter what, I have to uncover this mystery. I'm sure that this was not done by Su Xi herself. Someone else is behind it."

"What are you saying, sir?!?!" Fei never thought this. He can never imagine someone else behind it.

"Su family is a threat to many business empires. It is normal for someone to disclose such information."

"Sir, is there a press conference now?" It was the crime branch's responsibility to take care of the mess created by them.

Chen Juan's eyes were dark. No emotions were there in his eyes or on his face. "General will take care of it. For now, we have to find it out who is the person behind this."


In Su Xi office

She received a call from the Crime branch that they would like to issue a statement in public to clarify all accusations on her and her family.

But she wanted more. She wants them, who tried to destroy her to experience some humiliation too.

"Secretary Wan! Come inside."

"Yes, ma'am?"

"Help me find out something....."

In the evening, it was difficult for her to go back to her home. Press was there on the gate of her company. But she has to face the media!

Sometimes being in shadow is much worse than coming out and speak.

Su Xi opened the door and faced the camera with her confidence level high and coldness in her eyes.

As soon as reporters saw that she has come out, they all rushed towards her with their camera and mike and she was flooded with a plethora of questions.

"Ms. Su, Is it true that you are using someone for your business?"

"Su Xi, are you involve in illegal things?"

"Are you a part of the underworld?"

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