198 Su Xi was fired!

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Qin Mei bent on her knees while a smile flashed on her face as Ye Shan moved and hugged her neck too.

He knew she was his elder brother's caretaker and by her face, he can see that she was a good sister!

"Hello, sister! How have you been?"

"I'm absolutely fine! You see, I always take care of my happiness!" But Then Qin Mei noticed his body language and the fearful smile on his face.

"What happened? Why do you look so afraid?" Qin Mei concernedly asked him as she looked at his face which was a little dull. As a doctor, she can easily guess if someone had a proper meal or not.

"Nothing! I had a bad dream and it made my mood a little dull." Ye Shan lied this time.

Although he was a child, his mommy asked him in the car to keep quiet about this matter.

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