97 Su Xi fainted!

Su Xi touched her head and saw blood coming out. There was a cut on her forehead now, all thanks to the paperweight that Father Su threw in her direction. Su Xi felt a lot of pain and even would have fallen if she did not hold the chair behind her at the right time.

"MADAM!" Secretary Wan never expected Father Su to do this so mercilessly. For God's sake, she was his own biological daughter and the real heir of the Su family.

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But maybe father Su was least concerned about this. He got up from his seat and was going to go in Su Xi's direction but Secretary Wan came forward and stood between them like a barrier.

"Secretary Wan, do you want to lose your job just because of your boss?" Father Su intended to slap Su Xi hard but Secretary Wan was now trying to protect him. He had thought that threat might work on him.

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