136 Su Xi disowned!?

Su Xi sighed. That was the most shocking day of her life.

There was happiness, along with some fear about how will she handle her child? She lost her virginity when she was seventeen and maybe ut was their second-time intercourse that she becomes pregnant even after taking all the precautions!


Seventeen years old Su Xi stood in her bathroom, waiting for her result to come. The pregnancy test was lying in front of her. It said two minutes will be taken to know if you are pregnant or not. She was eagerly waiting, for the result to be negative.

Su Xi was feeling nausea all of the sudden for one week and decided to test once. It was just pure out of coincidence that, something clicked in her mind that she might be pregnant and need to take a pregnancy test, especially alone!

Bitting her nails, she again looked at the test kid and then saw, two lines. 


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