48 Su Xi's Fiance.

Su Xi knew who this voice belongs to.

It was Father Su!

Gu Yan turned around and saw three men standing with a smile.

Gu Yan didn't reply.

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Father Su understood he might have not recognized him.

"I'm Su Xi's father, the real CEO of Su family business. This is my son, Su Sing." Father Su introduced himself.

After knowing their identity, Gu Yan understood. Su Xi didn't want them to see her with him. But it happened eventually.

"Nice to see you Elder Mr. Su and Young Mr. Su." he extended his hand to shake with Father Su.

"Pleasure!" Father Su shakes hands with him in an official manner.

"I see you are here to pick Su Xi from here?" Gu Yan can't think of another option for them to come here. He didn't want them to misunderstand him that he is Ye Huo.

"Oh, no-no. We were here to discuss Su Xi's marriage with Zu Family Heir, Zu Jiwen. Here, meet my future son-in-law." father Su pointed towards Zu Jiwen.

Gu Yan was shocked. How is that possible for her to get married? She just told him that she isn't interested in marrying for the second time.

"Hello, Mr. Gu!" Zu Jiwen and Gu Yan exchanged greetings. On another hand, Su Xi was surprised by their visit here. But she was more surprised about her father introducing Zu Jiwen as his son in law.

She kept shut! If she spoke, they would come to know that he is not Gu Yan but Ye Huo.

She can't let his identity be revealed!

"You never told me about your fiance, Su Xi." Gu Yan asked her in a cold tone. His voice was no longer gentle.

Su Xi just lowered her head. She was confused about what to reply. She can just play along with Father Su in this to protect Gu Yan.

"Su Xi, shall we go home?" Zu Jiwen stepped forward seeing the awkward situation. He extended his arm for her to take it. But she didn't!

Zuu Jiwen just held her hand and started walking out of the restaurant. Before leaving, Su Xi just turned her head around and took a last glance at Gu Yan's face.

'I'm sorry Gu Yan.' Su Xi was dragged to the car.

Seeing her leaving with another man, made Gu Yan's heart twist. He felt immense pain in his heart and brain.

Gu Yan had started thinking that Su Xi was a nice person, match his character. She understands him. But she lied!

She lied that she wasn't going to marry someone!!

She already has a fiance!!

"You were made a fool Gu Yan." he whispered to himself. Just even thinking about Su Xi with Zu Jiwen made him angry and frustrated.

She could have spoken something. But why she didn't? Was it because it was true?

Gu Yan directly went to his car and sat inside it for god knows how long. He slammed the steering wheel hard!

It was difficult to digest what Father Su said. Gu Yan laid back on his seat. his eyes were shut. "We met for just a few hours and why my heart is hurting?" he was talking to himself. He has this problem.

Whenever he was alone, he will talk to himself only.

After a few minutes, He opened up his eyes, and all the gentleness, the sweetness was gone. He was now again the heartless Gu Yan!

'She is your competitor. You can't think of anything else.'


On the way back.

Su Xi and Zu Jiwen drove in one car and Su Sing and Father Su in another.

There was complete silence. Neither Zu Jiwen nor Su Xi asked each other any question.

"How is your foot now?" He decided to break the silence.

"None of your business." Su Xi was really angry right now. How can he do this to her?

"Su Xi....."

"JUST SHUT YOUR MOUTH ZHU JIWAN!!" She might kill him right in the car if he dares to speak another word in front of her.

Zu Jiwen sighed.

"There will be more drama at home. Be ready to face it, Su Xi. You are going to face Uncle Su's wrath."

Su Xi was looking outside the window, the nightlife of the city.

"I was never afraid of him. He can do whatever he wants to. I'm not his puppet anymore."

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