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Coming back to the ward, Su Xi found Gu Yan standing near the bed of Ye Shing. Her precious boy was lying on the bad, his head was fully covered with bandages and many needles pressed inside his skin. 'He is suffering so much.'

Su Xi wanted to cry but at this moment, it wasn't possible because she was she has something else to face. 

Walking near him, she caressed his head softly. "Wake up soon my child. You need to be strong again."

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"He is brave, Su Xi. The doctor said that when he was brought here, he was awake and all he said was, to save him because he has many responsibilities to handle over." Su Xi simpled listen to whatever he said. He was happy that her child was out of danger and she knows, how much strength he had given her in her weak time yesterday. He was constantly there with up, without taking even a nap of one second.

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