24 Something Special!

It has been so long that someone calls her 'Mrs. Ye'.

"W-who a-are you?" she was shocked to hear this.

"Mrs. Ye, it has been only two years and you already forget me? this is bad." the other side was laughing. But this laugh was making her afraid.

No matter how strong she has become, this person is someone who can still make her feel what is fear. She can never forget that day in her this life.

"Its only two years and now you are calling me?" Su Xi answered.

While saying this, she got up from her bed and ran towards Ye Shing's room.

"I'm calling you now because I want you to stay away from Ye Huo who is now Gu Yan. If he dies again, you will feel bad for the second time." the other side said.

Su Xi saw Ye Shing working on his laptop and signaled him to trace the call on her phone.

"I dare you to do something LIKE THAT AGAIN! Who are you? Do you want money? I will give it to you. I will throw it on your face. Come in front of me!!!" Su Xi shouted.

Her real intention was to keep the call going so that Ye Shing can trace it.

"Hahahahahaha... Su Xi, if I wanted money, I would have kidnapped one of your children. I won't attack or kill your loved ones then. I want something special."

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"Mum, Just 30 seconds more. I will be able to trace it." Ye Shing whispered.

Su Xi said, "Do you think I'm stupid? Tell me what special thing you want?"

"You will get to know soon."


The other side hanged up. "Hello? Damm you!!"

"Mom, I needed just 15 seconds more. That person was clever. He knew that we are tracing him so he was bouncing his signal." Ye Shing sighed.

"Ye Shing, he knows that Ye Huo is Gu Yan. He said he wanted something special. But what does he want?!" Su Xi was confused and frustrated.

"Mom, go, rest. Nothing will happen to father." he tried to comfort her.

"Ah Shing, I feel your father has lost his memory. What do you think?" she asked.

"Mom, I can't determine this. We have no proof. We can't go and ask him directly that have you lost your memory."

Su Xi agreed. He is right.

"You also sleep. I'm going to my room."

Su Xi reluctantly fell asleep.


In the morning, she woke early as compare to her regular time.

Today was an important day for her. She has prepared herself well. Going against someone you love isn't an easy task.

'Good Luck Su Xi.' She motivated her self.

Soon, she came downstairs and saw Butler Ni was already awake and was preparing for the breakfast.

"Butler Ni, I'm going to office early today. Let the children know."

"Madam, what about breakfast?" He asked.

"Send it in my office."

Saying this she went to her car and drove to the company.

"Ma'am, someone was trying to access our computers and took the presentation."Soon, she came downstairs and Secretary Wan told Su Xi.

"How is that possible. No one can access our servers." Su Xi asked in a calm tone.

"We also don't know ma'am. This only concludes that we have a mole."

"Did that person took the presentation?" Su Xi narrowed her eyes and asked.

"Yes ma'am."

"Hmm, cancel the morning meeting. We will directly go for the project. No discussion in the morning."

"But ma'am, we don't have anything. What are we going to show them?"

"I said don't worry."


They came to the conference room. It was held in a five-star hotel.

"Ms. Su, it's good to see you." This was seventy years old, Bi Buo. He was in the business field since he was twenty.

"Pleasure is all mine, Mr. Bi. I hope I'm not late."

"Not at all, Ms. Su. We are going to start the meeting in just five minutes. Please take your seat." Su Xi nodded and went to her seat.

She took a glance at Li Juwan. He was smiling and sitting as a confident king. Beside him, was so termed Gu Yan, who was her husband.

He didn't even take a glance at her since she has entered.

'Ye Huo, you are not doing good. If I find out that it is not your memory loss, I will kill you myself.' Su Xi thought.

"Let's start the meeting. This is the meeting held for the decision to be taken, who will gain the estate building project. We have a total of 5 companies. The Lin company, The Su company, The Wei company, The Jin Company, and The Gu company. Who would like to go first?"

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