3 So your Husband is dead.

"But, h-how can I go leaving him here like this." Su Xi was purely reluctant to go out like this. Her husband was lying on the bed, fighting for his life and he is asking her to go?

"Trust me, sister, nothing will happen." Su Sing tried his best to make her agree and after a lot o convincing, she decided to go home and go look after Ye Shan too. He was also alone.

Su Xi agreed and she woke up her children and drove back to her home. At home, she met Ye Shan who didn't even eat anything.

"Shanshan, dad is all right don't worry. You have to eat something otherwise dad will be not happy with you." Su Xi tried to convince Ye Shan. Although she knew it's a big thing to see your father being shot dead, all Su Xi knew was that her husband is out of danger and her child needs immense care!

"But mom, who was that person?"

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"How many people were there?" asked Su Xi

"Two people in the car."

Nodding her head, Su Xi replied, "They were bad people. When your dad will wake up, he will take care of them like a superhero."

"Will daddy die?"Hearing this from her six years old kid made her heart tremble. Sh lost her mother when she was so young and she knew how does it feel when your one parent is gone from you.

"Shhh… Don't say that. Nothing will happen to him. Now he is all right. You have to eat now otherwise dad will be angry with you." Said Su Xi and she signaled the butler to serve the dinner.

She helped Ye Shan to go to bed and sat with him till he fell asleep.

These things sometimes leave trauma on children and it lives with children for a lifetime. This was the reason Su Xi was anxious. She also fell asleep in Ye Shan's room.


In Morning.

She receives a call."Sister, come to the hospital quickly." Said Su Sing in a panicky voice. Su Xi's heartbeat fastened when she heard his anxious voice from another side.

"What happened?"

"Just come quickly. Fast." And he hanged up.

Su Xi and her three children came to the hospital as soon as possible.

Outside the ward,

Father Su and Su Sing were talking with the doctor.

"Doctor, what happened to Huo?"

"Mrs. Ye, someone came here after you left and injected poison to Mr. Ye. We tried our best and gave him all the medicines required but Sorry Mrs.Ye, we were not able to save him. I'm sorry for your loss."

Su Xi's mind was blank. Everything was shattered for her and her children. She walked towards the inside of the ward and stared at his face. Her children were crying, but she wasn't able to hear anything. Lossing her balance, she fell on the ground with a loud thud!



"Su Xi"

Everyone rushes towards her and helped her to sit on another bed, while she laid unconscious.


When Su Xi woke up, she saw her children sitting near her bed. Their eyes were swollen from crying, but Ye Shan didn't cry. It was a big shock to him. He saw himself that his father was shot and died in front of him. He saw his mother fainting. But he didn't even shed a tear. He was traumatized.

"Mom, do you need water?" asked Ye Shing.

Su Xi nodded.

"Mom, what we will do without a dad." Asked Ye Nian. Su Xi was silent. She doesn't know what to do. Her whole life and her children's life was shattered now. Her better half and their super dad was gone, gone too far from them.

Just then, her phone rang. It was a call from an unknown number. She picked it up, "Hello?"

"So your husband is finally dead!"

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