57 Shot him.

Su Xi stopped in her track hearing Chen Juan's voice. But she didn't turn around. If she did, it will end her game.

If counted, her bike was just 6 steps away from her and Chen Juan was only 3 steps away. Her one hand was on her gun which was near her waist.

"Boy? What are you doing here this late? Turn around. Now!" Chen Juan again said.

But Su Xi wasn't going to obey him. She counted,

1...2... and 3


She shot Su Xi in his leg and swiftly ran towards her bike!

"SIR!!!" Everyone ran towards Su Xi.

"Idiots!! Go behind him. Catch Him!" But till the time everyone could have reacted, Su Xi already left.

But what no one noticed was the number plate which didn't escape Chen Juan's eyes.


Su Xi rode her bike at maximum speed. She was trembling in fear! There she got the guts and did what her instincts told her to do.

But now, riding the bike, she realized what mistake she made. She actually shot a police officer? But this was necessary.

Soon, Su Xi got back home and went to her room. No one knew that she wasn't sleeping but was outside.

She changed into her night suit and prepared to sleep. But the sleep wasn't coming to her. Whenever she closed her eye, only what she did today came in front of her. The scene of shooting Chen Juan!

She kept on tossing and turn but no nothing happened! Finally, she slept around 6 a.m. which was normally her waking uptime. But no one came to even wake her up for breakfast.

She slept till 11 a.m. but then, she heard some voice coming from downstairs.

'Who is shouting so much? Ahh.." She tried to stop voices from coming by keeping a pillow on her ears but nothing helped.

"I need to get up only!" this was the only option left.

She got up and changed into house clothes only. She wasn't interested in going office today.

But when she got out of her room, she saw the police officer downstairs!

'Why they are here? Did the recognize me?' Su Xi thought and trying to act calm, she went downstairs.

"Oh, Ms. Su, finally you are here." one of the policemen said.

The team, which came yesterday was today also here. Chen Juan was sitting on the sofa with Father Su and Su Sing with him. It looked they were in the middle of a conversation.

"Su Xi, I would like to ask you some questions." Chen Juan asked and got up. Coming closer, he directly looked into her eyes.

"Mr. Chen, Do I need to file a case against you of harassing my private time? You don't love your profession?"

"Ms. Su, I love what I'm doing. For me, my profession, to fight for my country is the greatest gift that I have. But right now, I have some questions for you."

Su Xi understood that he was not going to go if she didn't answer him.

"Go on. I'm listening."

"Where were you last night?" As expected, the first question of his was so predictable.

"In my home, in my sweet bedroom, taking a good night's sleep. Do you want to know more? Should I tell you exactly how I slept?" Su Xi answered with full confidence. Sometimes, confidence is the key which makes one believe the lie.

"No need, Ms. Su. But do you have any proof?"

"Hah... Chen Juan, you need proof to prove anything. Why would I need one? What crime have I committed?" she knew he was laying a trap for her. But she was smart to understand.

"Ms. Su, I would like to check your garage. Shall I?" How the hell he knew about her garage?

Su Xi paled a little but she still agreed.

On their way to the garage, Su Xi suddenly asked,

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"Chen Juan, why do you love being close to me? Are you interested in a widow like me?"


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