1 Shattered Morning!


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Su Xi half-opened her eyes and her hand was searching for her phone which she had kept on the side table. Not finding her mobile there, she turned to another side of her bed and found it was empty.

'Has he woken up already?! But it's so early!' 

Surprised, she went downstairs and saw someone was humming a beautiful song. She just stared at the sight of her husband wearing an apron and making breakfast for the family.

That was her husband Ye Huo, handling her father's business which was under her name for a very long time.

Su Xi hugged him from the back and leaned on his hardback shoulder, like a koala especially in the morning.

"Good Morning Hubby." Su Xi said while flashing her beautiful smile at him.

Turning around Ye Huo saw his wife and smiled like an idiot, a total wife slave to her and their kid's wishes!

"Good morning sweetheart. See I made breakfast for you all." Said Ye Huo while planting a kiss on Su Xi's checks. His breakfast was always the best, and Su Xi knew this too well because she never learned cooking as no one could have taught her!

"Well I see, it looks perfect darling. Nothing is burnt actually"

"Of course, how can it be burnt when your great husband cooked it?! now go get ready children will be down soon."

"Okay." Said Su Xi and ran towards her room.

Su Xi chose a grey long piece and a long coat over it. She was a mother of three children but her looks still made her look like she was in her twenties. She wore a black top with white pants. She was not involved with the business. She let her husband do so. But she instead, lived her dream of being a photographer. Her husband too supported her.

After getting ready she went downstairs.

"Good morning mum." Greeted her eldest son, Ye Shing, who was seventeen years old this year.

"Good Morning baby."

"Muma see, I made this drawing, it is my new drawing I will show it to other friends of mine." Said her youngest son, Ye Shan who was 6 years old.

"Mum, can I go to my aunt's house as we have to practice music today." Asked her mid-child and daughter Ye Nian who was thirteen years old.

This was her family, happy family. Her husband and her three lovely kids.

"Okay Nian but you have to come back till 5 in the evening.' Replied Su Xi.

The whole family was eating lunch while laughing and enjoying family time, but they don't know their life was going to be shattered and disturbed in a few hours.


Ye Shing and Ye Nian went to school with the driver and it was Ye Huo turn to drop Ye Shan.

"Baby I have some important meeting today, can you please drop Ye Shan?" asked Ye Huo who was getting late for his meeting. 

"But it was your turn today, honey!" Su Xi fried to reason out but it was a waste because somewhere she knew it was her who will drop him at the school.

"Please Su Xi. I'm going. See you at dinner." Said Ye Huo and he kissed Su Xi and walked out of the house.

Just then, Su Xi saw her husband left his phone on the sofa only. She turned towards Ye Shan

"Shanshan, run after your father before he leaves in his car and give him his phone."

With this Ye Shan ran towards his father.


She heard gunshots just after 5 seconds.

Su Xi ran outside her house and saw her husband lying in a pool of blood. She ran towards him.

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