117 Shamelessness!

Next morning.

Su Xi opened her eyes and after rolling more on the bed, she finally noticed Gu Yan still sleeping on the couch. She can see it must be really uncomfortable for a big person like him to sleep there.

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But this scene took her back to when they were still married and he was her Ye Huo. Whenever they used to fight, Su Xi used to make him sleep on the sofa in the living room. Everyone used to make fun of him for this and her children used to tease him.

While Su Xi was staring at his face from her bed, Gu Yan opened his eyes. He had long felt that someone near him. But he ignored it because he was too much sleep. After a few minutes, it becomes constant and he can hardly ignore it. Opening his eyes, he looked into her deep eyes that were glued to him.

"You find me handsome? Hm..?" He asked her with a smirk and absent-mindedly she also replied with a 'Yes'

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