28 Send Flowers.

Su Xi drove a little away from the hotel. She parked her car on the side and started crying.

Tears were flowing out of her eyes themselves. These were the tears of pain and love, which she hide in her own. Everyone has someone to rely on. But she is alone.

"Why Ye Huo, WHY?? Why you left?" her emotions were flying out.

She loved him for the last 18 years. She never remarried because of him. But he lost his memory and is behaving as if they never touched or spoke to each other.

They have three children!!

Her phone was ringing. She looked at the dialer and it was her father.

"Yes, dad?" Su Xi said in a little horse voice and tried her best to sound normal. She wiped her tears with her hand.

"Su Xi, Let us meet tomorrow. I'm coming to states." Father Su said.

Su Xi was shocked. Her father is still not aware of Gu Yan. If he comes here then...

Her father did not like Ye Huo much. When she insisted on marrying him, he also revolted. He asked her to name her child under Su Family. But she refused.

"W-why dad? What is so hurry?"

"I have something to discuss with you. This way, I can also meet my grandchildren. Su Sing is also coming with me." Father Su spoke. He didn't leave any space for negotiation.

Su Xi also reluctantly agreed. But first, she needs to go home and make children understand everything.

She rushed home and say Ye Shan was attending his homeschooling and Ye Nian was not back till yet.

"Welcome back Madam. Shall I bring something for you?" Butler Ni asked.

"Um... Butler Ni, make the guest room ready."

"Yes, Madam. But who is coming?" Butler Ni was confused. Not many people came here since Madam shifted to states.


"Elder Master? I will prepare soon."

"Listen Butler Ni, where is Shing?" She asked.

"He went outside. He said he will come back soon."

Su Xi nodded. She understood that he might have gone to trace the call now.

Su Xi said just this and ran to her room.

She shut the door and called Su Sing, "Hello? Where is Sing?"

"Young Master is in a meeting." Su Xi realized she can't just do things in this fast way.

She needs to be calm and patient.

"Ask him to call me as soon as possible." saying this, Su Xi hanged up and waited for Ye Nian to come back and Ye Shan to finish his school.


In the penthouse.

Dr. Mo has given Gu Yan the medicine. But he was still his headache was not gone.

"Yan, what were you doing when you got this headache?" he asked.

"I was coming back with that Su Xi. I think this pain is due to the overload of work. She even snatched the estate project from me." Gu Yan was loaded with anger. He just controlled because he didn't want to scare Ms. Su.

"Isn't that same lady who claimed you to be her husband?" Dr. Mo asked with doubt.

"The fact is that she thinks I'm not her husband and it is good. I'm not her husband. But why the hell she is behaving so friendly?" Gu Yan, till now didn't understand why she was crying.

"What you told her?" Dr. Mo knew Gu Yan has a low tolerance for ladies who tries to hurt his ego.

Gu Yan was silent.

But later he told Dr. Mo everything except that two main things, birthmark on the neck and allergic to perfumes.

After hearing what Gu Yan did, Dr. Mo slapped his forehead.

"Gu Yan, aren't you a little heartless?" Gu Yan raised his eyebrow. What did he do wrong?

"Yan, Ms. Su gave you a ride. She lost her husband and you are getting angry with her and giving her a lecture. It is not good. She lost someone close to her. If she will not cry, what else she was going to do."

Gu Yan now understood that he now knew that he touched the spot where she is hurt.

"Good thing is that she at least dropped you here otherwise, many girls might make you get out of their car." Dr. Mo critically said sarcastically.

Gu Yan was deep in thoughts.

"What should I do now?"

"Send flowers as an apology."

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