Su Xi came back to her room and went to sleep without having dinner. Whatever happened today was going on in her mind.

The way Gu Yan shouted on her. He asked her to stay away.

"Hah.. You will regret this." she whispered to her own self.

Su Xi didn't want to take it to her heart. But a heart is a heart. It never listens to anyone. Her heart was upset and only he can make her happy again. But he will not do because he wasn't anymore her husband.

She isn't able to convince her heart that he lost his memory.

But, she is having NO PROOF. She doesn't know if what he is doing is real or fake.

Thinking about this only, Su Xi fell asleep on the couch.


The next morning, Su Xi woke up a little late. It was yesterday's mental exhaustion which made her sleep more.

She took her phone and called her father.

"When are you coming here?" Su Xi directly asked. Her eyes were paining a little but she has to go to work. She can't just wait for them for the whole day.

"We will reach there in the evening." Father Su answered from another line.

"Hmm, I'm going to the office then." Su Xi hanged up first because she wasn't interested in talking with her father.

She was never close to him in the first place. After her mother's death, she was more close to Ye Huo than anyone else in her family. Most of her time, she spent was with Ye Huo. He was really her world.

Su Xi looked outside and sighed. 'Another day and I have got a feeling, it will be more dramatic.'

She got ready in a pencil skirt and a white top with black stripes.

She took another glance at the mirror and went downstairs.

"Butler Ni, where are children?" she asked.

"They went to their daily routine. Madam, when is Elder Master coming?"

"He will come in the evening. Prepare special lunch and send a message to Nian and Shing, asking them to come back early today." saying this Su Xi headed to her office.


"Good morning Ma'am." Secretary Wan greeted her.

"Good Morning. What is my schedule today?" she asked while walking towards her cabin.

"Madam... You have to overview the presentation and the documents sent by Mr. Bi..." secretary Wan narrated and they reached her cabin

When they stepped in, Su Xi saw a bouquet. Bouquet of roses.

"Who send this?" Su Xi asked.

"Ma'am, the receptionist said that these are sent by Mr. Gu."

Su Xi moved towards them and picked them up. Su Xi loved roses the most. When Ye Huo used to do gardening, he used to take special care of the roses.

"Secretary Wan, did you get Gu Yan's number?" she asked.

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Put it on my desk and leave. I will call you back." secretary Wan did as asked from him and he took his leave and closed the door behind him.

Su Xi was observing and touching the flowers. There was a soft smile on her face. The smile only came either in the case of Ye Huo or her children.

Her sight caught something. It was a note attached.

"I'm sorry for shouting at you.

Please accept this as a token of apology.

- Gu Yan"

Su Xi's smile widened. In their whole relationship, she never apologized to him.

Fights used to happen but she had a high ego at that time.

He used to come with either a teddy or chocolates or with ROSES to make it up to her.

"Is this a coincidence that you sent me roses?" Su Xi admired them for a long period of time. She took out the fake flowers and put these roses in the vase.


She then picked her phone and the paper on which his number was written.

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She hesitated for some moment. She thought he might burst on her again. But she took the risk. She wanted to hear his voice, even for once, even if he is shouting on her

The ring went but no one picked. She thought he might not pick an unknown number and was about to hang up but instantly she heard a voice.


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