120 Remember my kiss, you are mine!

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"Hey! Where are you taking me!? Gu Yan!" Su Xi can not help but shout at Gu Yan as he held her hand so tightly that it might break. She just woke up from being tired and here he was not only walking but dragging her to the parking lot.

"GU YAN!" Su Xi kept on saying his name and letting go of her hand as she has to go home but he did not listen to her at all.

All he did was to drag her down to the isolated parking where she can see, it was more like only two of them. Only a few cars were parked as the engagement was already over, so many people left. There were surely some bodyguards whom he asked to go and guard the main door.

'What is he doing?' Su Xi can't understand him at this point in time. She thought everything was fine between them just a few moments ago and then this behavior of his!?

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