156 Reasons of Death!

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There were not one but two major things that were at fault and that was the reason for death. It was written that her mother died because of the lack of oxygen but how is this even possible when she cut her wrist and died because of loss of blood?

A person can die for two reasons? Yes! But what about all those lies and postmortem reports?

"Madam! Are you done? If someone comes here, we will be in trouble." Su Xi heard the peon behind her warning her. 

'Reading it here is risky. I need to go home.' Su Xi left the hospital and went to her house back, where she saw her father and brother were sitting at the dining table. 

Along with them were two ladies whom she saw in the morning.

"Young Miss, will you like to eat lunch?" 

"Umm… bring my food to my room. I can't sit with a bunch of animals!" 

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