122 Putting blame on Su Xi!

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While on one side, Su Xi was having a loving lunch with her children, in the Lin family, there was a dark most going on. No one was ready to talk in the big gall who sat on the couch.

These were the elders of the Lin family and on another side, Lin Jua wasn't present in there. She was in her room, crying over whatever happened with her. Never ever in her dreams, she had predicted that after throwing so much dirt on Su Xi's name, she will come back and snatch her Gu Yan!

"What are we going to do now?" Mrs. Lin aksed her husband, Lin Juwan who looked distressed right now.

He does not know where he went wrong. Everything was perfect. But just because of the presence of Su Xi with Shi Yu at the last moment, disturbed all their plans.

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