17 Our Father!

Su Xi took deep breath.

"I don't know Shing. How can a person who was dead in front of us, can be alive now?" She still was shocked and surprised. She can't even let out her emotions because she herself doesn't know how to do so.

"Mom, he is our father. He didn't react after seeing us but he is our father. I can feel it."

"Yes mom, he is our father. I bet on this." Said Ye Nian. She was the most attatched to Ye Huo among the three children. If Su Xi was his queen, Ye Nian was his princess. They had a special connection.

Su Xi sighed.

Ye Shan was asleep on his mother's lap, on their way back. He was tired of all the events that happened today.

"Mom, what are you exactly thinking?" Ye Shing asked. He really wanted to know about his mother's next move.

Su Xi took a deep breath. She ignored Ye Shing's this question and instead said,

"Rest for the night. I will handle it."

"Okay." Both the children nodded.

When they reached home, everyone went to their respective rooms.

But Su Xi wasn't able to fall asleep. She was sleeping for past 2 years alone on this large bed. She remembered, she used to have a habit of hugging someone while sleeping or someone should hug her from back so that she knows it she is not alone. But after Ye Huo's death. This habit was also gone.

And suddenly he appeared again in their life as Gu Yan.

"Why Ye Huo? Why my heart is in pain again because of you. Here I was trying to find your killer and here you appear alive."

A tear dropped down Su Xi's cheek, she was feeling weak. She wanted to be with him.


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In another room,

"Brother, what will mom do now?" asked Ye Nian.

"I don't know. Right now, he is not our father but Gu Yan, who is trying to bring our business down. Mom is facing alot now."

"But she can't keep us away from dad!!" Ye Nian really wanted to meet her father. She saw him after 2 years.

"Nian, you need to understand, on one side is her husband one side is her business, and that husband of hers is her competitor."

"Haha, brother, you also taking mother's side now."

"Its not like this Ye Nian."

Ye Nian slammed the door and went downstairs. She opened main big door and went into garden. The garden's view was on Ye Shan's room side so no one could see her.

Ye Nian took out a cigarette from her pocket, and lighted it up. She needed to stop this all mess. She opened her We Chat and messaged a particular person, asking to meet her outside her house.


In the Penthouse.

Gu Yan was facing headache. It was first time in last 6 months, and it was sever.

"YanYan, take this medicine. Take it now!" said Lin Jua, the daughter of Lin family.

Gu Yan took the medicine.

"Get out!! send a doctor." Hearing this Lin Jua's face fell. She wanted to take care of him as his wife but he was showing her the door.

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