101 One Condition- Marry me!

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Gu Yan never thought she will come here, especially on his engagement! He can hear Shi Yu asking him who it is from behind.

"Who it is!? Elder Madam Gu?" Shi Yu was still standing at the balcony so he did not saw the person at the door. But after receiving no reply from Gu Yan, he got suspicious and moved towards the door. But after seeing who the person was, his eyes came out! Both of them stood there with their shock expression evident on their face.

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It was none other than, Su Xi!!!

"Ms. Su, why are you here?" Gu Yan was utterly speechless and not even a word was coming out of his mouth. He was just staring at her face which already looked pale enough.

They were just talking about her and here she is, standing in front of them. But Su Xi was attentive. Her eyes shifted and there she saw Shi Yu. Although she never expected both of them to be close enough.

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