52 Offer!

"Su Xi, we both know how our relations used to be before. You can ask me anything. But don't forget our old deal."

How can she forget the deal which she made with him two years ago?

"Will you help me or not?" Su Xi knew that asking him for anything will not come in free. She will have to do something for him in return and she was ready for it also. Right now, all she wanted was the full control of Su Family business in her own hands.

"Do you have One billion to return me which Ye Huo took?"

Rex is an underworld member. He deals with illegal and legal things. Both the Su Family and Rex never interfered in each other's matter and the peace was maintained.

But when Ye Huo was shot and Su Xi came to states, she had received a call from Rex, telling her about his drugs was stolen by Ye Huo which were worth one billion.

At first, she wasn't ready to accept that her husband can steal his material. But later on, she saw a CCTV footage in which Ye Huo was carrying a bag which belonged to Rex.

That time, she made a deal with him that she will pay him back after five years. In return, he helped her to stay out of the underworld and illegal things.

"No, I don't have one billion but I have one offer for you." Su Xi knew only he can help her with this.

"What offer?" This actually gained his interest.

Su Xi took deep breaths. 'Now or never Su Xi. Do it now.' her mind was saying this to her.

"I want full control over the Su family. This also means I want to throw my father out of this business."

Another line didn't answer. Rex was shocked. The Su Xi he knew was a timid girl and never brave enough. But now she was talking about taking control over the whole Su business!


"Aren't you asking a little too much?" he thought she was joking with him. But Su Xi was serious than ever.

"Do You Think I will joke with you about such a big thing?" Her cold voice can be heard. She was not anymore a low confidence girl.

"What exactly you want?" Rex understood now that she was not beating around the bush.

"I want to take over the company and everything as soon as possible. First Su Company, then my brother's company." She explained to him everything.

"I understand. But you do know that nothing comes in free?"

As expected, Su Xi knew the consequence but she was ready to take the risk as it was not only for herself and her children but also to get her husband back!

"Will you be able to help me with what I'm asking?"


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"Then, I'm ready to do whatever you want. Tell me."

Rex stayed silent for a few minutes and then answered, "I will close your account of one billion if you transport five hundred million and five hundred million material for me through your routes. We all know that Ye Huo had special routes through waterways and it was fastest. This can be done by only After acquiring the company, you need to transport my materials and things for one year too. In return, I will make sure the company is yours."

Su Xi never expected him to say this! She had thought he might ask for other things like gold, diamond, or maybe money. But he was directly asking her to be involved in the underworld!

"I said I will not be INVOLVED IN UNDERWORLD!!"

"The choice is yours. I will be waiting for your answer." saying this, he hanged up.

Su Xi was staring at her phone for some time. Later, she got up and changed into her office wear.

But her mind was on the offer given by Rex.

'Shall I accept it?'


On the other side, Lin Juwan was celebrating with Lin Jua. They had finally achieved what they wanted.

"Brother, I feel Su Xi will create some problems for us." Lin Jua suddenly said.

"So what? We will create trouble for her also. I have a friend in the police."

"You mean, sending Police to arrest her? Or charge her of corruption?"

Lin Juwan smirked.


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