175 Not right place to talk, Chen Juan!

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Ye Nian felt her heart beating so loud.

It clicked in her brain now that they never accepted Gu Yan as their father til yet! But then she asked him to bring Gu Yan as her father.

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Biting her nails in nervousness, she knew it was not possible to take her words back now anymore. He was not a simple guy, his understanding level of one situation is quite high, and lying to him won't work. 

"I..I... Yeah. He is my father."

At last, with no option left, Ye Nian blurted out the truth.

Not like she won't say anything then he won't understand. Instead, he already might have guessed what she wanted to say. He only wanted to hear her accept the truth.

But unknown to her, Shi Yu had known about this long ago. He just wanted to see how she would react.

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