37 No one can forget their children!

Ye Nian was irked. She never liked this uncle of hers. He was always roaming around her mother, She knew that he was her father's competitor.

"Mom, why are you calling him now?"

"I have to explain what happened today. There should be an explanation for him." Su Xi explained. She didn't want the Zu family and Su family's relation ties should be bitter because of this.

Earlier, everyone wanted her to marry Zu Jiwen. Even after she got pregnant, gave birth to Ye Shing then also.

Zu Jiwen was also ready to accept Ye Shing as his own child. But Su Xi never loved him. Her heart only belonged to Ye Huo.

The ring went but no one picked it up.

'Maybe he is busy. But what if he is angry?' Su Xi thought and she decided that she will meet him tomorrow or day after tomorrow to apologize.

They soon reached hospital and Su Xi was in a wheelchair in a doctor's cabin.

The doctor examined the cuts again. "Ms. Su, we will use some machines to bring it out. You will be given anesthesia so that you don't feel any pain. "

"Hmm, okay doctor just do it very fast." Su Xi was not showing any emotions. She didn't even show any pain.

"Ms. Su, you have to wait for 15 minutes then." to which Su Xi nodded and Ye Nian helped her to get back on the chair and took her to the resting room.

"Sing, bring a water bottle. I feel thirsty." Su Xi suddenly asked Su Sing in the waiting room.

"Sure sister." after which he left and Ye Nian and Su Xi were left alone.

"Mom, why did you send uncle like this? We don't need a bottle. We can drink water from the water tank also." Ye Nian was confused by her mother's this action.

But Su Xi didn't reply.

Her eyes were fixed somewhere else. Ye Nian noticed that her mother was focusing somewhere else and she also followed her sight and saw a man talking to someone.

It was Gu Yan!

"Dad..." She said in a whisper. Ye Nian was surprised as well as shocked to see him here, this late.

"Mom, why is he here?" Ye Nian caught her mother's arm and asked.

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"I also don't know." Su Xi caught sight of him and she didn't want Su Sing to know now! So, she sent him to bring the water bottle.

Su Xi turned to Ye Nian, "Nian, we have to know why is he here." She really wanted to know what he was doing in the hospital.

She has some thoughts but for now, she wanted to know the accurate reason.

"But how mom?" Su Xi whispered something in her ear and Ye Nian nodded.

"But, mom it's risky. If dad finds out, I mean Gu Yan finds out, he will surely kill all of us." Ye Nian stated.

"Hmm, But I trust you. You can do this. You know Nian, maybe he can forget his love but no person can forget his link to his children, his blood. You are the same. He might not recognize you but he will surely feel a strange link. So he will never get angry if you fail also."

Su Xi really meant that. Even if he is Gu Yan, his blood is still running in Ye Nian and Ye Huo was most close with her. She was his darling princess.

"Do it now before Ah Sing comes back." Ye Nian stood up and walked towards the doctor's room.

At that time, Gu Yan was talking with someone and he suddenly saw a girl going inside of the cabin. It was suspicious because the girl was trying to hide her face as much as she can.

"Hey, Why are you going inside? The doctor is not in there." Gu Yan said.

Ye Nian panicked. If she turned around, he will recognize her! Ye Nian's heart was beating fast. She felt it will come out.

But she knew this is the only way, they can know something about Gu Yan, which will be worth knowing.

She has to do this for her mother!

So, Ye Nian didn't stop and stepped inside the cabin and locked it! She breathed a sigh of relief.

Ye Nian looked around and saw that Cabin was dark. She switched on the torch of her phone and started searching for the file that has Gu Yan's name.

But Ye Nian was again nervous when she heard Gu Yan shouting outside.

"You girl!! We are waiting for so many hours and how can you go inside?? She must be a thief." Gu Yan asked his secretary to inform the security guard right now that there is a thief!!

Seeing this all, Su Xi panicked. She can't let Ye Nian be trapped like this! If security comes, it will tarnish their image and they won't succeed too.

Su Xi looked around her and got an idea

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