23 No emotions!

"What the hell are you saying mom?" Ye Nian was super shocked. She can't believe her own mother.

"Language Nian. This is how you speak?" Su Xu strictly said. No matter what, she wants her children to be well mannered.

"Sorry mom, but how can you say this? Dad can never forget us."

"Ah Nian, If this was not the truth, why your father didn't recognized us there in the party? I'm not saying its the truth, I'm just guessing."

Ye Nian was speechless. It was confusing her that why their father didn't even react after seeing them.

"Nian, its been two years! Many things changes. Maybe something might have happened. We need to see everything. We have enemies. If we go close to Ye Huo, they might get alerted." Su Xi tried to make Ye Nian understand it.

"But mom, why can't we go for a DNA test?" Ye Nian had read many love novels and books. In those, many things came out with just DNA.

"Nian, if we go for a DNA, this will only prove that you all are his children. But this doesn't guarantee that he will come back to us because he wants us. He will do so because they need an heir for Gu family after Gu Yan."

"What can we do mom? Let father go?" Ye Nian was now sad again. She wanted their family to be one again.

"No. We will not let go of him. You remember your father said that there are total 7 people in the world who have same face. Its true. But not everyone has a black dot birthmark on their neck."

"Mom, you saw that?!? When?" Ye Nian asked

"In the party. There Ye Huo adjusted the corner of his suit. At that time, it was visible for few seconds. My sight caught it. That is why, I was sure he is your father and my Ye Huo."

Hearing this, Ye Nian was silent. Now she understood that why her mom was not letting them meet him. He is not their father. He is Gu Yan, he doesn't have any emotions for them. For him, they are the children of their competitor and he might harm them also.

Seeing Ye Nian like this, she decided to shift the topic. "I bought cake for you. But till now I think, it might have been eaten by Ye Shan."

As expected, Ye Nian eyes came out and she ran out of her room towards the dinning room. "YE SHAN!! DON'T TOUCH MY CAKE!!" Ye Nian was shouting this.

"Sister, I want a bite. Please."


Ye Shan took one piece and started running around the house. Ye Nian started throwing cushions at him. "Ye Shan, give it back!!" To which Ye Shan replied with his tongue out.

Seeing them quarreling like this, Su Xi laughed. She wanted her house to be filled with laughter. This ease her tension.

"Madam, First Young master is still not down." Butler Ni said.

"I will go and get him down. You serve snacks to them."

Su Xi went to Ye Shing's room and saw him focused on his laptop.

"Ah Shing, What are you doing?" Su Xi asked.

"Mum, I found out something.".

"About what?" she asked.

"About that's incident, two years ago. I have been trying to reload the CCTV. See, I finally reloaded it. Even if the murderer face isn't visible, I can clearly see the number plate. See here!" Ye Shing zoomed the screen and there, the number plate was clearly visible.

"Hmm, But I think its fake. No one wil use a real car to shoot someone."

"Let me try once. I will search it." Ye Shing was determined for this.

"You can do this for sure but for now, come down."

"Mom... I'm not hungry."

Su Xi shut his laptop and kept it on one side. "Now come. Everyone is waiting." Helplessly, he went downstairs. Now he knows how his father used to feel.

Their father used to work for hours and like this only, mother made him sleep. For her, Health is most important. If you are healthy, you can do whatever you want.


On Dining table,

"Nian, I'm searching for a home tutor for you. Any suggestion?"

"But mum, why I need one? I can study myself also." she said.

"Yes you can. But it will give you more benefits."

"I will ask my friends. They also have one."

"Hmm sure. But tell me soon."

"Yeah." But Ye Nian wasn't interested in telling her. She thought her mum will ignore it or will eventually forget it.

Suddenly Ye Shan asked, "On weekend, can we go to an ammussement park?" he hasn't gone in one for a long time.

"I will see my schedule and will let you know. Now finish the vegetables also." Su Xi pointed to the green vegetables.

"But mum, these are bad vegetables. I don't even like their colour." Ye Shan pouted.

"You have to eat. You want to be strong like your elder brother, right?" Ye Shan nodded.

"So eat this."

Seeing this, Ye Shing asked him mom, "Mom, no one gets strong by eating vegetables. Don't try to fool my younger brother." He wanted more drama.

Su Xi glared at him and asked him to be quiet and let Ye Shan eat them.

After dinner, everyone went back to their room.

Su Xi was on her bed and doing her work. It was then, she received a call from someone unknown. At first Su Xi decided not to pick it up, but her guts told her not to hang up so she reluctantly picked it up.

"Mrs. Ye, its been so long. How have you been?" a cold and dangerous voice came from other side.

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