19 Never understand!

Su Xi thought for sometime and after thinking, she planned to go through the file.

After drying her hairs, she went downstairs where her children were eating breakfast.

"My children, mum have to rush to office. I will surely be back on time and we all will eat dinner together."

Everyone nodded except Ye Nian.

"Nian, why are you angry?" Su Xi asked.

"Mom when can we meet dad?" asked Ye Nian.

Su Xi sighed. She herself doesn't know the answer of about this.

"I'm working on it Ye Nian. I will see what we can do." was all she said.

"Ofcource mom, you are only interested in your business. What are we all for you? You will never understand what I'm feeling." Said Ye Nian and she stood from her chair and went to her room.

"Ye Nian! Eat your breakfast!"

But Ye Nian never turned back.

Su Xi sighed. It was not im her hand. They have enemies, if they got to know that Gu Yan was Ye Huo, they will come back for him and their family.

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Ye Shan came and hugged Su Xi's left leg. "Mom, sister is angry. I'm sure she will be fine. I will make sure she is alright. You do what is right." Ye Shan said in an innocent voice.

For him, his mother was his superhero after their father left. He wanted to be more big for her so that he can help her and ease her tension.

Hearing what Ye Shan said, Su Xi smiled and rubbed his hairs.

She bend down and kissed Ye Shan on his pluffy cheeks.

"I know you will Ye Shan. Mum has to go now."

Su Xi bid goodbye but before leaving , she signaled Ye Shing which he understood.

When Su Xi reached office, everyone greeted her.

"Good Morning ma'am."

Su Xi nodded to everyone and went to her cabin.

"Secretary Wan, I want no one to come in my office for next 1 hour. Understood?"

"Yes Ma'am. I will make sure of it." Saying this, secretary Wan took his leave and closed the door behind him.

"Lets see what are you hiding Gu Yan." Su Xi took out file from her handbag. She took deep breath and finally opened the page from where she had left.

"....Their second daughter married into Jie family. Their eldest son was named Gu Finquing. He married his longtime girlfriend Keria, who was from a family which was settled abroad. They had a son Gu Yan after 2 years of their marriage. But they all were kidnapped and killed. Only Gu Finquing and Keria's body was found, Gu Yan was not there so he was declared dead by Gu Family head, Gu Yelin. Their second son never married but has an illegitimate child, named Ning Quin. Their third son, Gu Cheng married Tang Quang. Together, they have 3 children, two boys and one girl. Eldest son was named Gu Shu, second son was Gu Feng and their daughter was Gu Shi.

The Gu family business was in third son's hand, Gu Cheng after Gu Fingquing's death. Second son was never interested in family business so he developed his own business. Things were never good between second and third son. After Gu Yan came back, Gu family business was given to him by Gu Yelin."

Su Xi closed the file and layed back on her arm chair.

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