46 Never Re-married?

Gu Yan was focused on what to order. There were many dishes here which he disliked.

"Ms. Su, here is the menu. Why don't you decide?" He first thought of seeing what they liked and if theirs and his preference matches or not

Su Xi took the menu but she didn't open it. She turned to Lin Jua.

"Ms. Lin, you are going to be Gu Yan's wife in the future. Why don't you order for him and as well as for yourself?" Su Xi asked her to do this intentionally.

She was sure that Lin Jua must have not known about Gu Yan's or Ye Huo's favorite dishes.

Hearing whar Su Xi said, Lin Jua was a little nervous. She met Gu Yan today for the third time. They had lunch before but she never observed or took care of his preferences.

But she thought of trying her luck. 'Will Gu Yan point me out in front of Su Xi that I ordered dishes that were not his favorite?'

But she was confident that the Gu family requires Lin's family so he won't embarrass her.

"Sure, Ms. Su." Lin Jua ordered few dishes.

The food was served in few minutes only and Gu Yan stared that the dishes which Lin Jua ordered.

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Seeing Gu Yan like this, Lin Jua started feeling nervous and Su Xi's smile widened.

"What happened Gu Yan? Why are you staring at food like this? It is not good." She made him remember but these were mocking words.

Gu Yan faced with his expressionless face.

"Ms. Lin, I think we don't know each other much so I expected this."


Lin Jua dropped her purse on the floor after hearing him. She never expected him to say her like this!

"Mr. Gu, maybe all dished are not according to your liking bu-"

"Ms. Lin, all are the dishes you ordered are those which I hate." Gu Yan pointed towards one dish, "It contains capsicum and I don't eat it in the night. It is bad for my digestion."

He pointed to another dish, "It has coriander and I'm allergic to it."

Like this, he pointed to other dishes and they too contained something which he either doesn't like or is allergic.

Gu Yan was a choosy picker when it comes to eating. He will eat only the things which he likes.

Su Xi was sitting there calmly. She knew what will happen next. She can't let anyone know about her intention.

"G-Gu Yan, I didn't know that you hate them. I-I am sorry." she can just lower her head in shame.

She messed up!

But Lin Jua was feeling more shame because Su Xi was sitting with them like a queen. It was if she was a mistress between them!

"I will take your leave, Mr. Gu." Lin Jua stood up.

"Ms. Lin, where are you going to? It is normal for you to not know about his preference. After all, you are not his woman till now." This provoked Lin Jua!

"Hehehe.. Ms. Su, I have some work. I have to go." Without giving Su Xi a chance of speaking anything else, she got out of the hotel.

"It seems now it is only you and me, Ms. Su" This sentence made Su Xi a little nervous. She knew he just meant dinner but still, her mind can't stop thinking!

"You can call me Su Xi." Gu Yan nodded.

"What would you like to order." hearing this, Su Xi again looked at the menu, and just at one glance, she knew what to order.

"Waiter..." Su Xi ordered dishes and Gu Yan was shocked again!

She ordered all those dishes which he liked!

How can a woman whom he met a few days avo can know his likes and dislikes?

Is it true that he was her husband? 'What the hell are you even thinking Gu Yan? How can you be her husband? You can never like someone like her.'

Seeing Gu Yan in a daze, Su Xi was somewhat suspicious. "Are you alright?"

He came out of his thinking. "Yeah. I'm good."

They both started eating along with gossipings. Though Gu Yan was not a talkative person he felt that today he talked a lot with Su Xi.

She was a mature person with a classic nature which she maintained well. Though she has her other sides also, the Su Xi in front of him had queen aura.

"And you know what happened after that? Ye Nian started running around the house in search of her cake! But Ye Shan hid it at a very unique place."


"In her own bathroom where there was no chance she will search! They both fight like cat and mouse" Su Xi started laughing.

Seeing her laughing so lively, Gu Yan can't also stop himself from smiling. Her smile was lovely and so pure!

But Gu Yan suddenly asked her,

"Su Xi, why you never re-married after your husband's death?"

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