178 Never planned my life!

But the main concern that arose here is that Ye Nian doesn't have any boyfriend till yet, at least she isn't in any serious relationship otherwise she is sure that Ye Nian might have come to her and tell her about that boy.

"Secretary Wan, thank you for your advice. I will consider it too." He nodded and they both started the work again. 

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But in the end, he left Su Xi with a deep thought because she has to talk with Ye Nian once about what she feels about this whole situation.

Soon, as usual, the time flew and evening arrived. Su Xi had promised to meet Chen Juan out and to keep her promise, she went to the coffee shop he asked her to meet.

She took her coat with her, and, along with that, Su Xi decided to just meet him in her simple appearance. 'It won't attract much attention too.' After a drive, she finally arrived at the shop.

"Good Evening ma'am. May I know whom you want to meet?" It was the host of the shop. 

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