84 Near Sea port!

Su Xi didn't reply. She just smiled at him and he also not asked further. She was thankful that he didn't ask anything more. Otherwise, it might have become difficult for her to lie to her children straight on their face. Guilt was already building up in her heart, saying something wrong to them will break their heart.

'You do not know my child. Today, my destiny will be decided. It is not only important. It is highly important.' Su Xi thought while eating her breakfast as her face was low. Nothing matters here now except completing this task as soon as possible.

Soon, she bid goodbye to everyone and went directly to the office. Secretary Wan was to report here about the details. Su Xi had deliberately called him early today. She needs someone to report her everything, as her mind won't concentrate till consignment leaves the place.

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"Is everything fine till now?" Su Xi asked while placing her coat on the sofa along with her handbag and opened her laptop.

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