33 Murder You?

"Maybe his new mistress." Su Xi wasn't shocked to see the lady with her father.

The lady was tall, had an outstanding glass figure. Her skin was milky and she was wearing heavy and thick makeup.

"Didn't grandfather found any younger?" he said sarcastically. The lady in front of them looked like she was in mid-twenties. The age difference between them was touching the skies!

"Grandpa...." Ye Shan ran and hugged Father Su's leg.

"Oh boy, you have grown up." Father Su said as he picked him up in his hand.

"Greetings Grandfather." Ye Nian said politely. She was excited but she remained calm.

"How are you, princess?"

"I'm good. How have you been?"

"Absolutely fine. See, I'm healthy and fit as always." Father Su boasted himself which made Su Xi sneer.

"Grandpa, who is she?" Ye Shan pointed towards the lady.

But before Father Su could have answered, Su Xi came in the scene, "Oh, you must be the new mistress of my father, right? Father, Please introduce her to all of us." Su Xi said with a smile. But with this smile, she actually insulted her.

Earlier, the lady was smiling but after listening to what Su Xi said, her smile actually faded.

Father Su caught this awkwardness, he cleared his throught and said, "Everyone, this is my girlfriend Zhu Ling. Ling, this is my daughter, Su Zi. This is my youngest grandchild, Ye Shan. That's my granddaughter, Ye Nian and there, he is my eldest grandchild, Ye Shing." Father Su did a brief introduction.

Zhu Ling nodded but Su Xi ignored her. "Let us go inside." Su Xi said and went inside.


In the drawing-room.

Everyone was sitting and happily chatting. "Dad, where is Su Sing?"

"He went to fetch one of our guest. Someone is having dinner with us."


"You will see him when he comes here."

Su Xi remains silent.

Su Xi wanted to talk with Father Su in alone. But it seemed he wasn't interested. He was avoiding her intentionally. She just wanted to know why he came here?

"Da-....." Su Xi was interrupted by Father Su, "Wait until dinner." Su Xi narrowed her eyes.

Who was the guest?

"Su Xi, can we both talk?" Zhu Ling stood up and directly asked Su Xi.

"Hmm, Sure."

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They both came to the balcony.

"Su Xi, I will be direct. You can take off your property from Ah Zian. All his property is mine. I will marry him." Zhu Ling was actually after Su Zian's money.

She wants to become a wife of someone rich who can fulfill her standard.

Hearing this, Su Xi chuckled. "Ms. Zhu, You are not the first one to threaten me. And for the fact that you will marry father, in your dreams. He can never marry anyone. And for the property, I have my rights."

"He WILL MARRY ME! After this happens, I don't want to stop him and you from meeting so for this, you can take some small amount of money from his heritage. But don't keep your eye on them." Zhu Ling looked like a fool to Su Xi.

"I have my rights. I'm talking with you, this can be considered the least good. Otherwise, I might have done something bitchy. You will never like my that side." Su Xi was calm right now.

This was not new. Many young girls are after her father's money. But he just wanted to satisfy his lust!

"Su Xi, I'm warning YOU!! Stay away from him. You don't know who I'm. You might be his daughter but I'm his girlfriend." Zhu Ling shouted.

Su Xi touched ears and checked if blood is coming out or not. She picked up her phone and Airpods and played a song.

"When you are done shouting, please tell me. You carry on." saying this Su Xi continued listening to songs.

"You!!" Su Xi's attitude made Zhu Ling very angry. She walked towards her and took out her AirPods and threw them on the ground.

But Zhu Ling didn't know that this was the worst mistake she made. Su Xi loves her Airpods!

"What happened? Angry?"Zu Ling smirked after seeing the angry face of Su Xi.

Su Xi looked at Zhu Ling with her cold eyes. Her patience was limited and now, it was crossed!!

Su Xi gave Zhu Ling a kick in her stomach. This made her fall back on the ground.

"Ahh..." Zhu Ling landed on her butt. This hurt.

But Su Xi ignored her scream. She holds her hair and made her stood up.

"You want me to give up?" Su Xi gave a tight slap to Zhu Ling. A slap sign was posted on one of her cheeks. Zhu Ling's head was spinning after this tight slap. She never thought that Su Xi is strong even at this age.

"This was for asking me to give up my rights." Su Xi again held her by the hair and gave a slap on another cheek.

"This is for throwing my Airpods."

Su Xi took the nearby knife and brought it near Zhu Ling's neck.

"You want me to murder you?"

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