90 More than One woman!

Su Xi turned around and saw the man she least expected to be here. It was Gu Yan standing behind her with an umbrella and his coat was wrapped around her shoulder as if protecting her from getting more soaked. Why the hell he appeared out of nowhere?! She remembered not seeing any car when she was coming here.

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"Gu Yan...." Her face was already covered with droplets of rain but Gu Yan can still see that she was crying. Her eyes were still red. It was evident from her face that she was hurt, maybe overthinking also.

"Either you are an idiot or a big fool. Who the hell cries so much in rain? If you wanted to cry in front of the grave, you should have come here when it was sunny. But maybe something is surely wrong with your brain." Gu Yan was lecturing her but her eyes were fixed on his face. He appeared again in front of her. Whenever she wanted to go away, he always comes back!

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