22 Memory Loss!

She herself doesn't know how will she go home if Wei Jan was not coming back.

"C-can you frop me to my s-school?" she asked hesitantly. He was not a person who will take advantage of someone.

"Yeah. Come with me."

She left with him in his car and left a message for Wei Jan that she is going back her home.


In another room, In the club.

Wei Jan was lying naked on a woman.

"Brother An, when will you make me your official girlfriend?" the girl asked. This was the competitor of the Ye Nian in the school. She hated Ye Nian because she got beauty as well as a boyfriend like Wei Jan.

"I will make you soon." said Wei Jan while shifting and lying beside her. He just wanted Ye Nian to allow him to touch her. Once his motive was completed, he will leave her.

"Shall we go for another round?" the girl asked seductively.

"We can. But Ye Nian is waiting for me outside. If I don't go now, she might get suspicious." He said while getting up from the bed.

At this moment, he received a message from Ye Nian that she is going back.

"Baby, I think we should go for another round."


Su Xi was in a meeting from four hours. Her employees have prepared the presentation but it contained some faults. These were needed to be corrected by her. It took another two hours of her to finally finish the draft.

"I want everyone of you, to be present in tomorrow's morning meeting. In it, we will once again check the presentation before final result."

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Anna took one last glance at everyone and went to her cabin.

"Secretary Wan, I want you to do something for me."


Su Xi came home early today. She knew that Ye Nian was angry with her and she needed to coax her.

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On her way to home, she bought Ye Nian's favorite cake from her favourite store.

When she reached home, she didn't saw Ye Nian.

"Mom, You are early today."Ye Shan said while running towards her.

"Yes Baby. Where is your sister?" she asked him.

"Sister is in her room."

"And your Big brother?"

"I don't know mum." hearing this, Su Xi turned towards the Butler Ni, "Where is First Young Master?"

"Madam, First Young Master is in his room. He said that no one should disturb him. He didn't even ate his lunch."

"Serve snacks on the table. I will bring down both of them."

At this moment, Ye Shan was secretly trying to take a bite of the cake bought by his mom. But his this action caught a sight of Su Xi.

"Ye Shan!! That is for your sister. Don't touch it." Su Xi shouted.

"But mom...."

"Ask your sister first for this."

He nodded. He knew that his sister was angry and by doing this, he doesn't want her to be more angry.


Su Xi first went to Ye Nian's room. "Shall I come in, Nian?"

"Hmm." Su Xi heard this and entered the room.

She saw Ye Nian sitting by window and drawing something.

Su Xi walked towards her, "What are you drawing baby?" Su Xi asked while sitting beside her.

"Nothing, mom."

"Tell me baby. I also want to know." Su Xi tried to start a conversation with her.

"I drew a picture of dad." This was enough for Su Xi to be quite again.

"You miss him a lot." Su Xi asked, to which Ye Nian nodded.

"Nian, You know that after seeing your father there, I was shocked. My heart and brain were in a mess. How can a person who died in front of us can be now alive? This question was running in my mind. But after talking with him, I felt if I was talking with a stranger."

"I agree mom, he was never like this with us."

Su Xi nodded.

"This means there is some problem. He is your father,I agree, but there is more to this."

This confused Ye Nian. She kept her drawing book aside and seriously asked Su Xi.

"Mom, what do you want to say?"

Su Xi took deep breath.

"I feel your father have no memory of us. He has lost his memory."

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