196 Meeting, Russian Mafia!

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But nevertheless, Su Xu walked a little closer and found a strong black gate. She can see that it was protected with electric wires and that too, of many volts.

'No one would even dare to enter here without their permission.' Of course, is robbery more important than life?

With a lot of bravery, Su Xi held her phone and taped on his contact number. "I'm outside your base. Bring my child out."

Her tone had no emotions, totally cold and this showed her how much hated she held her heart for this Rex.

But instead of agreeing to her wish, Rex laughed on the other side, "Oh Su Xi. Why don't you come inside first?"

She was reluctant but having no other choice with her, Su Xi tugged her coat and stepped in when the black door opened in front of her.

As he had asked her to come inside, she knew he had any motive for sure!

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