75 Marry Me?

Gu Yan can't refute to her words. She was right. Knowing something wrong is equivalent to helping them...

But how shall he tell her that he wanted to call her at that very moment when he got to know about it. But it was his fear of getting more accusations from her side.

Yes! A guy who earlier was used to think Su Xi as an unworthy woman, suddenly felt she was exceptionally good. But then he heard her voice again,

"Anyway, I don't even blame you. But now that your brother-in-law is involved in such a big scandal, why don't you call off your engagement with Lin Jua?" Yes! This was again a motive of her. She had thought that making Lin Juwan hit the headlines for the wrong thing might help her also. But maybe, she was too much wrong. What happened next was out of her expectation.

"I don't think so, Ms.Su. Now, Mr. Lin will cling more on me and by marrying his sister, I can at least have Lin corporation under me. Don't you think so?"

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